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Why Would Someone Want A Boudoir Photoshoot?

What is boudoir and why would a person want to try it?

First and foremost, Let’s start with the fundamentals — What exactly is boudoir photography?

A boudoir session is a high-end picture shoot held in a bedroom looking setting to heighten the sense of romance and wealth. It’s more than a lingerie photoshoot; it’s a reminder that you’re brave and strong! For most people, having their photos taken half-naked is an excellent step toward conquering huge anxiety and being brave. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to show up for your photoshoot. It can be a one-of-a-kind gift for your partner, a commemoration of significant events, a sexual rediscovery, a birthday treat, or “just because”, but most significantly boudoir is meant to be a celebration of you.

When was the last time you felt truly comfortable in your skin?

Have you ever had any time to yourself?

Have you ever looked at your portraits and been astounded by how you appear?

Are you unsure why you should go through with it?

You’ve arrived at the correct place, gorgeous.

1. The Experience of Self-Love

Boudoir is a celebration of who you are and all you have been through. As a woman, we understand that we aren’t always pleased with what we see in the mirror. We have a mental vision of how we should look, and we feel compelled to “perfect” ourselves until we achieve that ideal. Every scar and every mark is a hallmark signature of what you have been through. Like, a sort of trophy to celebrate. Our bodies, tell a tale about who we are. Your belly may have stretch marks and loose skin from bringing new life into the world. Laugh lines, wrinkles, and hair color are all factors that significancy we have a well lived life. All of your freckles, moles, weight, scars, and tan lines are a part of your narrative. At a Million Monarchs Boudoir, we truly believe with all of our hearts that everyone is a work of art and unique in their own way. Our job is to hold up the mirror for you to discover that yourself.

2. Increased self-assurance and confidence

To begin, you must overcome a significant fear of having your photo photographed in your undergarments. When our clients see the images, though, they can’t believe their eyes. We will showcase every facet of your beauty and body that you are most proud of through proper posing. Our crew will make you feel like a queen with your time in our professional studio. We pamper you with our own make-up, hair, and photographic skills. Our clients often compare their time with us as a spa experience because it is all about you! Many women have hectic lives and forget what it’s like to be a woman and to be pampered. I implore you to defy your daily routine and create time for yourself and the things that make you truly happy. Book your boudoir photoshoot and make absolutely 0% apologies for yourself doing something for yourself. Women benefit most when they take care of your mind, body, and spirit. If you treat yourself like well, you’ll remember that the essential thing is that you feel good and confident in the skin you are in. We are 100% positive you’ll leave the room feeling more confident, uplifted, and cheerful the next day.

Another interior sneak peek of our Boudoir Studios Unique Dark Glamour℠ Interior Design. Looking for more sneak peeks behind our velvet curtains? Join Our V.I.P. Group


Another interior sneak peek of our Boudoir Studios Unique Dark Glamour℠ Interior Design. Looking for more sneak peeks behind our velvet curtains? Join Our V.I.P. Group

3. A one-of-a-kind present or a milestone celebration

It can be a one-of-a-kind present for yourself or your partner. Yes, a session like this costs money, but can you imagine looking at those photos in 20 years? Holy Hannah! Where did the time go! Don’t be the woman who looks back and wishes she had experienced boudoir. Be the woman with a boudoir album in your hands and a confident smile that you were adventurous in your younger days! This will be your legacy, and I’m confident you’ve never looked better. On the other hand, can you envision your spouse/partner staring at those photos if it’s a gift? I’m sure that’s something they wouldn’t expect as a gift, and it’d be a significant and welcome surprise.

We’ve seen it all: getting married, going through a divorce or a harsh breakup, losing or gaining weight, accepting who you are, a period before or after becoming a mother, breaking out of a relationship, or starting over — boudoir can be anything. It’s mean to symbolize your unique Monarch transformation. Every single butterfly is different! Above all, it’s a beautiful way to pamper oneself.

4. Reclaiming your femininity

Through the years of growing older and wiser, some women feel like they have “lost themselves” and seek to find their way to feeling more like themselves in their own skin. Using the taste to capture intimate, sexy, flattering, and occasionally naughty images may also be a rediscovering of your feminine energy. Feminine energy refers to characteristics that are thought to be the polar opposite of masculine energy. It is fantastic to be spontaneous and do something entirely out of character to make ourselves feel truly alive and reinvented.

Even if you think you’re “not good in front of the camera” or live in a pair of yoga pants (or baby spit up or even maybe wine), we’ll unearth your inner sexiness together, and you’ll have a grande ball during your time in our studio! Want to see more behind the scenes and enter for your monthly chance to win a glamorous prize from us? Click Here to join our facebook V.I.P group