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5 Boudoir Shoot Outfits You Are Forgetting

repping for a boudoir photoshoot can be a whole lot of fun! You’re probably wondering what accessories could I possibly be forgetting?! I have searched high and low in addition to reading the prep guide! What am I missing? It is the shoes? Nope….

Yes, high heels are a signature to a sexy night out but, heels are usually kicked off at the door. Ok, so if heels aren’t what I’m forgetting for my shoot.. what is? Our founder (who has over a decade of experience in prepping clients for photoshoots), she wanted to chime in on the subject:

“Ultimately, it comes down to what empowers the client. Not the photographer. Our boudoir prep guide is meant to be just that… a guide. It steers our clients clear of anything that can make their body look like it has extra pounds or that is hard to bend and pose in.

Not only do we gift all of our clients a comprehensive session prep guide upon booking, we have also curated a boudoir outfit store! “ – Marina LaBaff, A Million Monarchs Boudoir Founder

What is Marina talking about you may ask? She and her team have handpicked the most glamorous and sparkly boudoir wear based on what looks best behind the camera! Many women know to search for things online like sparkly or rhinestone lingerie, and fishnet stockings, but they often forget big, neat accessories.

Scroll to the right to learn the top 5 accessories you’re probably forgetting for your next boudoir shoot:


Wondering where to get all of these sparkly boudoir photoshoot accessories? We got you, Monarch! Just click the “shop” link above and take a virtual trip to our boudoir boutique! We hope you find lots of fun boudoir inspiration there!