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The #1 Boudoir Studio Near Syracuse, NY – Over 90 Local 5-Star Reviews!

Our Dark Glamour boudoir studio near Syracuse can help capture your femininity and power.

Book a free consultation to see if Dark Glamour boudoir is right for you.

The Monarch Theme here is DARK GLAMOUR™ & Old World Charm

Our full-service Syracuse, New York location is one of a kind!

You’ll be greeted by the most grand marble staircase in the city as you find your way up to our hardwood floor studio. Our Syracuse studio is marked by its historic old world charm. It is located within Syracuse’s elegant Hanover Square neighborhood and financial district.



Our Incredible Clients Love The Experience Our Boudoir Studio Near Syracuse Offers

5 Star Rated

“From the very moment I met Marina she’s been nothing but kind, encouraging, and helpful with every bit of detail. This woman is beyond amazing at what she does, not only were the photos fantastic, but the entire experience was uplifting and beautiful. I definitely recommend investing in yourself with Marina you won’t regret it. ❤️ “

Ms. L

5 Star Rated

“”I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Marina at A Million Monarchs. I had such high expectations and excitement for my shoot and she absolutely did not disappoint. Every part of the experience from communication about how to prepare, hair and makeup, to the actual shoot was everything I’d hoped it would be and more.””

Ms. B

5 Star Rated

“Marina made me feel so comfortable! I never doubted myself from the first phone call to the ordering session! She was the best! She texted me to make sure I had what I needed and what not! It was an experience of a lifetime and would 10/10 do it again! She was the best! If you’re interested in boudoir, Marina is your girl!”

Ms. A

5 Star Rated

“When I saw my pictures, I was just in pure disbelief that it was me. I said on multiple occasions to Marina that it was crazy how beautiful of a picture she could take of me. Every time I mentioned that, she kept giving me the credit my body deserved. I think my biggest takeaway from this experience is that I am free to be me.”

Ms. X

5 Star Rated

“This has been one of the coolest experiences of my life. Everyone is so professional and sweet, you walk in nervous and leave feeling like a million dollars! The whole team really listens to you and works with you to achieve what YOU want. 100% would recommend! Spread the word!”

Ms. S

5 Star Rated

“I really don’t know where to begin. The experience was definitely a step outside my comfort zone. I didn’t know what to expect, but was committed to doing this for myself. From beginning to end professional, empowering, comfortable, enlightening and an awesome gift to myself.”

Ms. D

5 Star Rated

“A Million Monarchs Boudoir studio is an absolutely gorgeous place to have your boudoir photo experience. The team is very professional, responsive, organized, and they do everything to ensure that you feel special at every step of the process. The ambiance of the studio is sexy and luxurious. I love the sparkly accessories provided and the attention to detail in the decor of the rooms. The new mural outside of the building is also breathtaking! There’s nothing in the area that compares to A Million Monarchs in terms of service and experience. I highly recommend booking Marina if you want to have an exclusive and intimate shoot with amazing results that uplift your self confidence. She makes you feel completely comfortable with yourself so that you could let go of your inhibitions during the shoot. You will not regret booking your next photo session with her!”

Ms. H

5 Star Rated

“I live 2 and a half hours away from a million Monarchs but I knew from the first over the phone consultation that this was the place for me. Janice is wonderful with hair and makeup and it is an amazing, wonderful work of art and a transformation you can see step by step. Marina is your personal photographer and knows how to pose your body in the most graceful, elegant and sexy ways that really captures the beauty of a woman’s form. Marina is also very encourage she helps with outfits that you will feel comfortable in and has the beat jewels, props, lighting and backdrops you could imagine. So for every woman that either has little confidence to being full with confidence this is an experience all ladies should explore. Don’t let the scale make you think or feel differently. I have more curves then a back country road, horrible deep stretch marks and a kangaroo pouch that is unbelievable.”

Ms. S

When was the last time you celebrated yourself and felt like a rockstar?

You’ve been putting yourself down for years and it’s not working…

Try lifting yourself up and focusing on your own confidence and see how your life changes almost overnight at our Syracuse studio.


A Boudoir Studio Unlike Anything You Have Ever Experienced

Dark Glamour™ can help you capture your Inner Monarch and discover your true worth
Boudoir Studio in Syracuse, NY

So what exactly is Dark Glamour™ boudoir?

Dark Glamour™ is our signature style of boudoir portraits and was originally created in our boudoir Studio Near Syracuse, with Marina Labaff, founder of A Million Monarchs Boudoir.

It is a unique and elevated approach to boudoir leveraging a combination of controlled lighting, powerful shadows, Monarch poses, and a glamorous VIP Client Closet.

We are the ONLY studio in the world that shoots using Dark Glamour™.

Dark Glamour Boudoir
Dark Glamour Boudoir
Dark Glamour Boudoir
Dark Glamour Boudoir


Is A Dark Glamour™ Boudoir Studio Near Syracuse Right For Me?

Affordable Boudoir Studio

Dark Glamour™ at our Syracuse studio is perfect for you if:

  • You want to restore and skyrocket your inner confidence

  • You want to reconnect with your sexy
  • You have a hard time actually LOVING a photo of yourself
  • You think you need to lose a bit of weight to be worthy of experiencing boudoir (we can do more with angles and shadows than a year in the gym!)
  • You are over 18 (there is NO AGE LIMIT when it comes to empowering yourself and feeling like a rockstar!)
  • You have a hard time believing in yourself on some days (or most days)
  • You want to show the world and yourself that you were made for MORE & BIGGER
  • You want to reclaim your femininity
  • You have been searching for a way to give yourself permission to pursue feeling sexy
  • You want to recharge, rediscover, and reconnect with your Inner Monarch
“I couldn’t believe these pictures were me.. I couldn’t stop crying!”


Stunning Monarch Transformations At Our Boudoir Studio near Syracuse

5 Star Rated

“Self-esteem is a big issue for me so showing other people was a big change.

I’m shocked like they’re amazing.. absolutely amazing!


Ms. X

5 Star Rated

“Marina tells you what to do, you don’t have to worry, she makes you feel SO comfortable and I work out a LOT so she was able to put all my muscles out there.

There pictures look amazing I can’t wait to see the results!

ANYONE can do it because she will make sure that she will position you and put you in the right spots!

Ms. X

5 Star Rated

“I recently lost some weight after I had my final baby. I felt overwhelmed because I felt like I was seeing myself in a light that I had never seen myself before. You captured my body but you also captured my soul and my personality in a way that I’ve never seen myself before.

I was extremely overwhelmed but extremely happy at the same time. It was an overflow of emotions but I was surprised at how beautiful I really am.

I am a freaking rockstar and I am beautiful!”

Ms. Courtney

5 Star Rated

“I didn’t really know what to expect because I’m a little nervous in front of the camer and don’t do well unless someone’s giving me directions. I was nervous about actually just being in front of the camera. I think that any woman can do this.. I think that any woman SHOULD do this!

The posing was not what I expected at first, but there were a lot of directions so that made it a lot easier. The direction just makes it more comfortable. There were a lot of different stretches and they look really good on camera.

When Marina showed me the back of the camera I didnt’ know if I would want to see the photos at first because I didn’t know what to expect. When I saw them it makes you want to keep shooting actually because you’ll be really suprised with how the photos really look!”

Ms. Bria


The Perfect Way to Celebrate Yourself… You’re Worth It.

Boudoir Photoshoot
Boudoir Photoshoot 2

Your Session At Our Boudoir Studio Near Syracuse Includes:

  • Professional hair and makeup application in front of our Hollywood mirrors

  • Complete 97-point stretch & posing directions using our signature Monarch Posing System from head-to-toe so you can be the PRO model you truly are
  • Exclusive access to our VIP closet with a diverse & extensive sizing options (from XXS through 6X)
  • UNLIMITED wardrobe and lingerie changes
  • Average of one hour boudoir photoshoot in our signature Dark Glamour™ boudoir photography studio
  • The ULTIMATE Dark Glamour™ boudoir environment
  • VIP access to our fully-furnished sophisticated & elegant studio and world-class gold glitter floors
  • VIP access to our Accessories Treasure Chest & sparkly crowns
  • In-person Monarch Transformation debut & ordering appointment to customize your timeless keepsakes (albums & artwork sold separately)


An Experience Like No Other With Our Boudoir studio near Syracuse


We are the only studio in the world with a Dark Glamour™ style of boudoir photography.

Luxury Icon


You’ll leave feeling bolder. Deeper shadows, darker vibes, and dangerously alluring photos.

Photography Icon


Your experience at our studio will make you feel truly unstoppable, confident, and empowered.

Photography Icon


Dark Glamour™ draws the eye toward your favorite features, enhanced by powerful shadows and lighting.

Photography Icon


Private hair & makeup suite with your very own professional hair & makeup artist to get you looking glamorous.

Photography Icon


A complete client closet with lingerie, accessories, and more for all sizes (XXS through 6X).

5 Star Rated

“Before my shoot with Marina, I was so nervous I remember sitting in the makeup chair not being able to sit still (Jacy still did an amazing job)! During the shoot I was extremely comfortable and the compliments from Marina was a super bonus I’ll never forget it, it was such an amazing experience!

I left the A Million Monarchs studio with a major confident boost and strutted back to my car like I was worth a billion dollars. To this day, my boudoir shoot with Marina helped tremendously with my postpartum depression. My pictures gave me a whole new perspective on how I see myself. I feel whole again.”

Ms. X

Boudoir Photographer Testimonials
Ms. L Testimonial

5 Star Rated

“In the back of my head, I had kept telling myself I would love to do a photo shoot. I would sit there and scroll through (A Million Monarchs) posts and pictures for quite some time. I knew it was something I wanted to do. I knew I was comfortable enough with myself to celebrate me!

When I look at the wall art or the box, I have the biggest smile on my face, because I know I succeeded in what I was trying to do! Capture me enjoying being a woman, being me, not worrying about what anyone thinks as long as this girl is smiling!

When I made the impulse booking for this, it was hands-down the best idea. If anyone is contemplating booking because you don’t think you lost enough yet or you won’t look good: just book!”

Ms. L

5 Star Rated

“I was nervous all the pictures I had seen were of beautiful younger women. If my children knew I was doing this, they would be so embarrassed. I am a business woman needing to always be careful of image, so many reasons to hide!

I walked into that door and, all I can say is, it was a smudging right from the start. Two beautiful souls took me in, made me feel welcomed and cared for.

Now I flaunt those pictures, not hiding a thing. I remember why I wanted them. I am 50, a mom, a gram, a coach, a business woman, and an athlete. I want to show others how beautiful and sexy we still are even though our body try to tell us differently.”

Ms. X

Ms. X Testimonial
Ms. L

5 Star Rated

“JC worked wonders on my makeup. I am still trying to figure out a way for her to come to my house every day and make me look that good!

Marina is an amazing photographer and self-esteem coach! This woman is amazing with what she has done with her studio, and what she does with each of us. She is patient, she is funny, she’s a sweetheart. She also works with you in great length in picking your images. She is phenomenal!

Love this woman, love this studio!”

Ms. L

“I love that ANY woman can do this!

Every woman should experience boudoir so they can

see how beautiful they really are.”


Your Session Experience With Our Boudoir studio Near Syracuse


We want to know all about you! If you’re a good fit, you can make reservations after hearing all of the fun details of our boudoir experience!


Our licensed hair and makeup professional assists to highlight your natural beauty in-studio so you can look and feel your Monarch best.


Embrace your monarch transformation in the world’s first Dark Glamour™ boudoir studio. Every scar and mark is a hallmark signature.


Be completely stunned as your images are unveiled to you back in-studio and design your album using only your favorite images from your session!


An All Inclusive Experience With Timeless Keepsakes To Celebrate Yourself

Boudoir Photo Album

During your session in our Boudoir Studio near Syracuse, you won’t have to worry about thing.

From on-site hair and makeup to posing from head to toe, we’ve got you babe!

You deserve to feel prepared and pampered every step of the way. From the moment you walk in to our studio, you’ll feel comfortable and we’ll encourage you when the nervous butterflies get the best of you!

We also carry artlines and artwork that range from simple, all the way to high-end artwork that’s nicer than designer handbags and jewelry combined. You’ll have the opportunity to explore options during your Debut & Ordering Appointment.

There’s no other way to make your transformation timeless and make your newfound confidence permanent. You’ll love the results our boudoir studio near Syracuse can bring!


The Best Boudoir Studio Near Syracuse

5 Star Rated

“I recently had a boudoir shoot done here and can not believe what an amazing experience it was. From the moment you walk in you will feel like the most beautiful woman! Everyone is so kind and encouraging and treats you like a queen. I went to my ordering appointment last night and can not wait to get my album. The pictures absolutely blew me away. Highly recommend doing a boudoir shoot here!!!”

Ms. W

5 Star Rated

“I recently participated in a special event at the studio just to check it out/see if it was anything I could do – and I have a shoot booked now if that tells you anything!! I’m pretty shy but felt totally comfortable. Marina (who I believe is the owner/co-owner?) is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and she’s really passionate about what she does. She pours her heart into what she does. I could tell just by the mini shoot I did. I can’t wait to get the full experience with hair and makeup!!”

Ms. B

5 Star Rated

“I had such a great experience at Million Monarchs! Marina made me feel super comfortable in my own skin. I’m so glad I trusted her every second of my shoot! Also, the studio is beautiful and feels like a wonderful safe and private space. I love and appreciate the great work done by Million Monarchs! Looking forward to coming back soon!”

Ms. A

5 Star Rated

“Honestly was so nervous going into the session, but as soon as makeup started, I began feeling empowered and like a bad b****. Lol. This experience was so awesome and you leave feeling like a million bucks. They are so professional and sweet, and I’d do it all again. I live 3.5 hours away and don’t regret my decision.”

Ms. E

5 Star Rated

“Recently took advantage of a pumpkin head shoot & had the BEST time I’ve had in a while! I grabbed one of my best friends and she did it with me and we were greeted with nothing but good energy & up lifting vibes the entire time. I felt safe, comfortable & heard when I expressed my own concerns or worries. And was met with understanding & acknowledgment, 10/10 will be back, highly recommend booking with this studio and having the time of your life while feeling sexy and reclaiming your confidence!”

Ms. O

5 Star Rated

“I am completely BLOWN AWAY! I highly recommend A Million Monarchs! From the booking, to hair and makeup, to the actual shoot, I have never felt so amazing!! Everything is so professional, but extremely enjoyable, I never once felt out of place or uncomfortable. These women are so sweet and nice, but so experienced in everything they do. I walked out feeling like a million bucks. Book your shoot today!! ♡♡♡”

Ms. S

5 Star Rated

“Hello to all the beautiful women out there…. Had my session at A Million Monarchs and it was perfect, very professional and truly a day of self love. It left me feeling the love from the inside which exuberated to the world just how great I felt. I would highly recommend treating yourself to a session , Marina is so good behind that camera, she makes you feel safe and secure and Logan with the hair and make-up turned me into a beautiful butterfly that I didn’t realize was locked away inside of me….. Love yourself fully …..”

Ms. P

5 Star Rated

“I absolutely LOVED my experience at A Million Monarchs. From the beginning of booking my appointment to the very end was Amazing! I had non stop help and support from the workers which ranged from what to bring and what to expect along with answering any questions that I had. Leading up to the day I got texts and emails regarding some pointers on what to expect along with ways to help me prepare for it. The day of my photo shoot was Amazing! The ladies there were very nice and made you feel so comfortable in your own skin and it gave me a great boost of confidence and I LOVED every second of it. I would recommend this experience to anyone, it is very well worth it!”

Ms. D


Meet The Photographer in our Boudoir Studio Near Syracuse

Marina LaBaff

Hello, Monarch!

Hi! I’m Marina, owner of A Million Monarchs Boudoir. As a woman and business owner, I know the importance of feeling confident and beautiful from the inside out. That’s why I founded the Monarch Transformation boudoir experience – to help women find their inner power and beauty.

The experience we offer at our boudoir studio near Syracuse is designed to help you free yourself, face your deepest fears, and find yourself again along the way.

Consider this your permission to experience a life changing transformation that will unleash your inner diva, your inner beauty, and your inner Monarch.

I have hand picked the very best team at our boudoir studio near Syracuse. I promise with all of my heart that my team of specialists will be your biggest hype-girls, best friends, and more importantly, storytellers. Helping women of all backgrounds & life experiences to feel beautiful and free is at the very core of our hearts at A Million Monarchs Boudoir.

If you’re reading this, this is the sign you’ve been looking for…

I invite you to discover your powerful inner Monarch so you truly tap into the confidence that’s buried deep within.

“Prove the world wrong…

shock them all…

and fly free”

photoshoot session in the studio
Photographer working


Our Boudoir Studio Near Syracuse Have Confidence Dealers

5 Star Rated

“This was such a fun experience with Marina & Logan 💘 if you’re on the fence about it, here’s your sign to GO FOR IT! Marina showed me a couple of photos right on her camera and it took a lot for me not to burst into happy tears, I didn’t know I had that kind of potential. They were sweet, professional and know how to make you feel like the queen that you are 👸🏼”

Ms. L

5 Star Rated

“Entered the studio and was welcomed so warmly. Instantly into hair and makeup which was so much fun. I said I wanted bold and fierce and boy did I get that. Once my shoot started Marina made me feel instantly comfortable and invincible! She showed me some of the raw photos and holy cow! So excited to see my finished images! Worth it! Not your predictable shots and no two shoots are the same!”

Ms. M

5 Star Rated

“I wasn’t too keen on doing anything like this but then i wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. I was nervous and like all things other then mom things I almost backed out last minute but then I got all these amazing texts to build me up and I was excited the morning of. I threw in my own style then went extremely out of my comfort zone as well, but they were all for it! I loved every minute of it. Highly recommend doing this”

Ms. L

5 Star Rated

“I just had my photoshoot today and from the minute walked in door, was very welcoming and put at ease. Kharissa was very personable and sweet. Any nerves you would have walking in, gone when you meet her and begin chatting. She did an incredible job on my hair and makeup, honestly not one complaint! Loved how she was able to capture me with the makeup and hair, and it didn’t even feel like I was wearing any! Love her! And Marina is so nice. From when you meet her and go through what you brought for clothing options, makes you feel very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and gives excellent direction on how to pose. I didn’t have any of the nerves or insecurities I thought I might have as she is very pleasant and encouraging to work with. Can’t wait for my ordering session as the few sneak peaks from the camera she gave me looked incredible!!! Would definitely recommend as so far very pleased!”

Ms. R

5 Star Rated

“My husband and I did a couples Boudoir shoot with A Million Monarchs and it was such an amazing a beautiful experience. Marina was always so motivating and up lifting throughout the entire experience and even my husband said he had so much more fun then he thought he was going too!! We loved the entire experience so much that we can’t wait to get our photos back and plan another one! %100 recommend anyone to do this especially with Marina and the A Million Monarchs family!”

Ms. M

5 Star Rated

“I had an amazing experience at the studio! Kharissa did a fantastic job with hair and makeup and was very warm and personable to chat with during my time in her chair.

Marina is a phenomenal photographer who will work with you to create images that make you feel your best! It’s a beautiful, pristine space with a respectful and encouraging team of professionals there to guide you through the experience. I highly recommend “A Million Monarchs” if you are considering a boudoir photo shoot!”

Ms. H

5 Star Rated

“From the moment I walked in the door Marina and Kharissa made me feel welcome. They don’t just treat you like another customer, they treat you like a long lost friend and welcome you with open arms (figuratively of course, darn Covid). I was so nervous walking in but quickly relaxed when Kharissa started doing my hair and make up, making sure that I was happy with each thing before moving on to the next. Marina made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and took the time to help pick out the outfits I would look best in. She was so sweet and encouraging every step of the way. An hour went by like it was nothing and in the end, I ended up pushing myself even further outside my comfort zone than I had originally planned. Thank you both so much. I feel so much more confident about myself after having my shoot. I would highly recommend this business. If you are on the fence about doing a shoot, take the leap and DO IT, I promise you won’t regret it!!!”

Ms. Becky

5 Star Rated

“The experience I had with A Million Monachs Boudoir was LIFE CHANGING!! Once I walked through the door I was greeted with amazing energy that lasted through my whole shoot. The hair and makeup artist is so sweet and works with you to figure out what you want to do with your hair and makeup. I was extremely happy with how my hair and makeup turned out especially the makeup since I have such sensitive skin and eyes the makeup didn’t irritate any part of my face and it was so light I forgot I even had any on. Once I was done with my hair and makeup I went in to start my shoot with Marina and the other photographer who both were so so sweet and caring when it came to making me feel comfortable in every way! Once my shoot started I felt so comfortable and beautiful in my own skin. I also really loved that there was so much instruction through all the poses. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to A Million Monachs Boudoir for a shoot not just because of the amazing professionalism but for all the body positivity and love they have for what they do!! If you’ve been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot DO IT!! IT’S SOO WORTH IT especially with these amazing ladies!! ❤”

Ms. B


Discover Your Inner Monarch At Our Boudoir Studio

“You don’t need your dream body, be at a goal weight, or even have someone to gift this experience to.

It’s time to FLY—it’s time for your Dark Glamour™ Monarch Transformation.”

Experience the Power of Dark Glamour™ Boudoir
Dark Glamour Boudoir
Dark Glamour Boudoir

“You’ve been in a cocoon of sorts. Changing, growing, and evolving. You deserve to celebrate yourself in the season of life you’re in now.”


Slay Like a Queen With Dark Glamour™ At Our Boudoir Studio Near Syracuse


Inspiring & Empowering Experiences

5 Star Rated

“Today was my photo shoot and the hair stylist was very professional by the time she was done with my hair and makeup I was calm I would like to thank her for that. The photographer was awesome she was very professional and we also had fun we probably could of took pictures all day lolo I’m very pleased and happy I took the plung into doing this shoot and encourage every woman to come out of your comfort zone and do the shoot you owe it to yourself to be yourself and love yourself just do it.”

Ms. S

5 Star Rated

“Working with Marina and others associated with A Million Monarchs boudoir studio was nothing short of perfection. There was frequent communication and suggestions prior to meeting. Hair and makeup were exactly as I had envisioned. Marina was warm and so friendly; she definitely put me at ease. She was encouraging and utilized a variety of poses that made me feel confident. I highly suggest Marina and her team for anyone looking into a boudoir shoot or just looking to spoil themselves!”

Ms. B

5 Star Rated

“My fiancé and I worked with Marina this past Saturday; she made everything feel so comfortable and relaxed! We had a blast and felt so amazing about ourselves when we left. The few pictures she previewed for us during the shoot looked stunning and we cannot wait to see how the entire shoot turned out! We would highly recommend this experience!”

Ms. F

5 Star Rated

“I stepped out of my comfort zone to do a session and it was AMAZING! I felt so empowered working with Kharissa and Marina. Kharissa did an amazing job with my makeup. The photos were stunning, glamorous and empowering. Marina is a phenomenal photographer whose vision will make you feel your best! I highly recommend booking a session with A Million Monarchs Boudoir <3

Ms. T

5 Star Rated

“I booked my session on a whim and it was booked on a Sunday and my shoot was on a Tuesday! From the moment I walked in the studio Kharissa made me feel like a queen! I was treated like the prettiest woman on the planet. Marina was the “ultimate hype woman” she made sure to compliment me and make me feel 100% comfortable. When I left I felt like the baddest woman on the planet! When I seen my images on the screen I couldn’t believe they were even me. Marina is a god send to woman across the nation. Love love love her and Kharissa!”

Ms. F

5 Star Rated

“So much fun and empowering! With such a friendly environment they make you feel comfortable and at home which makes it easier and enjoyable if you have never done this before. The dark glamour is absolutely stunning, they do your hair and makeup highlighting your best qualities and making you feel beautiful. It showed me I’m not just a mom and a wife; inspiring me to see me in a new light and loving what I see. The entire experience makes you feel amazing about yourself and there is no better feeling than that. I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and doing this for yourself with a Million Monarchs Boudoir, you won’t regret it.”

Mrs. P

5 Star Rated

“The experience I had before, during and after my boudoir photoshoot was nothing less than amazing. Marina and her team are so professional, friendly and personable. You walk into the studio and already, you feel like a goddess! I was so comfortable and respected during my photoshoot. The professional make up and hair was flawless! The studio is amazing from the gold glitter floors to the amazing furniture and accessories! The dark glamour is eye catching and beautiful. 5 stars!!!!!”

Ms. O

5 Star Rated

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Marina at A Million Monarchs. I had such high expectations and excitement for my shoot and she absolutely did not disappoint. Every part of the experience from communication about how to prepare, hair and makeup, to the actual shoot was everything thing I’d hoped it would be and more. I have no doubt in my mind that Marina is the best boudoir photographer within hundreds of miles if not more. However you want to feel, she will make it happen. If there’s one thing I want for other women to take away from this review, do not wait. Do not wait until you “finally” reach the perfect weight, you are perfect the way you are and you will be BLOWN AWAY by how stunning you look in your photos. You deserve to see this side of yourself ✨”

Mrs. B


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Boudoir Studio Near Syracuse

How is Dark Glamour different from regular boudoir?

Our seductive signature lighting is crafted with the most glamorous of clients in mind. It’s the perfect setting for those looking for a classy, seductive, and dangerously alluring setting. Posing under Dark Glam lighting will surely make you feel like the MONARCH you are.

Where will my boudoir session take place?

Sit in front of our large hollywood mirrors, luxury boudoir sets, and gold glitter floors in our private luxury studio located at 2 main street in Massena, NY.

I am freaking out! I’m so nervous!

That’s completely natural to get the nervous butterflies. Infact, We would be a little worried if you weren’t nervous beforehand! It’s a true-tell sign that you’re ALIVE and able to EXPERIENCE. Don’t worry! We’ll hold your hand every step of the way!

I have no idea how to pose, will you help?

We’ll help you pose from head to toe. We’ll even help you with your breathing for photoshoots! Our Monarch Transformation method has been compared to a game of simon says and yoga with our style of pose coaching.

I feel like this is for younger women … Am I too old to book a shoot?

You are never too old. You are never too far gone. In fact, it’s a chance to show all the youngins that you still got it and you’ll NEVER lose it!

I don’t know how to “be sexy”.. I’ve tried to make sexy facial expressions and I feel like I just look silly…

This is totally normally to think! Our Monarch Transformation makes being and feeling sexy easy! All you need to do it roll out of bed. We’ll take care of the rest.

Should I wait until I’m at my goal weight?

Our Monarch Transformations aren’t just external. They’re an internal transformation to come to peace once and for all, the ability to practice self-love and body positivity. Each shot is thoughtfully, tastefully, and carefully set up, and we’re not just going to go on a picture shooting spree.. We’ll take care of your angles, lighting, clothing, fixes, etc. so you’re in good hands – from start to finish!

You need confidence to do this, I could never look like that..

Ms. DL thought the same thing. Here’s what she had to say after her Monarch Transformation session:
“I kept thinking that something wasn’t gonna be “right” with me, like somehow the photos wouldn’t be good, or as good… my hair and tan lines I remember being my main concern for some reason… your hair/makeup and the photographer ladies did help put me at ease, and then once I finally saw the finished product I guess I didn’t really have much to be worried about.”
– Ms Monarch DL

I don’t wear much makeup..

Our resident hair and makeup artist will carefully craft something unique to your preffered and most favorite looks.

Do I have to do my own hair and makeup? Or do you offer hair and makeup?

Before your Monarch Transformation session, our hair and makeup professional will work with you in our private Hair + Makeup Suite to give you the glam look you want. We’ve got you covered, from start to finish!

Do you “photoshop” my images?

First of all, it hurts our heart to hear anyone ask this — it’s one of the many reasons we specialize only in boudoir photography as our full-time career.

This experience is designed as a unique opportunity to show you that you were made for MORE and that you are beautiful are the skin you are in, in the season that is today. We pride ourselves in meeting you right where you are in life, and holding your hand throughout this process. No matter how you feel your body looks or what the scale says – DO NOT be intimidated by the women in our portfolio. They are everyday women just like you.

We do light skin retouching including removing temporary acne, lighting/color adjustments, and skin smoothing. We do not alter your body in any way. Truthfully, that does more damage in the long run. Plus, we are experts in the art of Dark Glamour™ boudoir lighting, angles, and posing to bring out your best natural features. We believe in celebrating the foundation of your individual beauty. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through your very own Monarch Transformation.

What will the studio look like?

Each of our studios are different in furniture/client closet but the same in dark glamour aesthetic and process. They consist of two main rooms:

1. Your “glam suite” where you will have professional hair and makeup artistry done

2. The “shooting room” is just that, where you will have your specialty dark glamour boudoir photoshoot and pose on the props that are special to that specific studio.

Many of our clients are repeat clients and love to travel to all of our studios and collect all of the uniqueness we have in each one.

Each studio is like a unique little charm box filled with treasures!

Where do I park?

Each studio has different parking options depending upon which A Million Monarchs Boudoir location you book with. You can see more parking information HERE.

What if I hate my images?

If after your photoshoot you don’t like a single image you see edited, we will not require you to purchase a package!

Will you share my images?

We will never share your images without your explicit written consent. That would be illegal in addition to breaking our clients trust, which is a big no no. We take client confidentiality exceptionally seriously here.

Who provides the outfits? Do I have to bring my own outfits? How many outfits should I bring?

You’ll have access to our luxury and very sparkly VIP Client Closet full of couture lingerie. As well as to as to a jewelry and accessory closet sourced from all around the world! Some women prefer to go shopping for new goodies! Some already have things in their closet (like a sexy oversized sweater to drape over the shoulder) or a leather jacket to wear with a simple pair of panties. Your Monarch transformation can be as sexy and scandalous or as conservative and covered up as you prefer! Some women have even brought in evening gowns or cocktail dresses to do their shoots in! We generally recommend bringing 4-6+ outfits. If you’re not sure, pack it anyways, and we’ll help you style things when you get here!

Do I have to wear lingerie?

Absolutely not! Your shoot can be as RISQUÉ or as conservative as you like! We have even had clients bring in cultural symbols like full-length evening gowns, hijabs (headdress), and niqabs (full body covering) for their shoot.

Where should I purchase my outfits?

Upon booking you’ll receive full access to our Glamorous Prep Guide, which will walk you through what outfits look best for your body type as well as recommendations on our favorite places to shop. Don’t forget – you’ll always have access to our VIP Client Closet!

What type of prints and products do you offer?

100% of our clients always purchase at least an album! We carry artlines and artwork that range from simple, all the way to high-end artwork that’s nicer than designer handbags and jewelry combined. You’ll have the opportunity to explore options during your Debut + Ordering Appointment.

There’s no other way to make your transformation timeless and make your newfound confidence permanent.

Sounds fun but what will I do with my artwork?

Our albums are meant to be brought out to remind you of the FORCE you are whenever you happen to need a quick pick me up in life!

I have kids! I can’t hang a boudoir image of myself in my home!

That can be securely tucked away if you’re more conservative around your children. Another option is to hang your wall art in unconventional places like your bathroom or a closet. You’re in control of the photos that are printed! So you could even make it a close up of just your face if you prefer. It doesn’t have to be any image that is RISQUÉ.

Do you offer digitals?

Absolutely! Any luxury album you order includes digitals of your most favorite images!

Do you offer payment plans? I’m not sure I can afford this..

We offer both financing and in-house payment plans!

I’m ready to DO this! How do I get started?

That’s awesome! Just click the “Free Consultation” button on this page to speak with us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the whole process and how it works!

Who will my photographer be?

Our hiring practices are not discriminatory based on gender or race, that would go against our mission of empowering. All of our associate photographers are dark glamour and posing trained by us. They must go through a rigorous education before they are allowed to be a photographer within our studio. They are also All background checked and have been hand picked by our founder not only for their talent and quality of work, but for their professionalism, kindness, and calming demeanor too. We all know we need the best cheerleaders when going outside our comfort zone and our associate photographer(s) are THE BEST at helping to calm your nervous butterflies!

Do you photograph boudoir for men?

In the past boudoir was very popular amongst women, but the word is getting out about how much of a confidence booster our photoshoot sessions are! We welcome men (18+) into the studio to be photographed! You can check out more information about male boudoir HERE.

Do you photograph couples boudoir?

Couples boudoir is an amazing way to celebrate your love and your trials/tribulations as a couple. We typically photograph each subject alone and then together as well however each session is tailored to the comfortability of the clients. Many couples have been timid to book a shoot, but leave feeling on top of the world with confidence afterwards. Love is something special, we can help you to celebrate it in a way unlike anything else in this world! We can help you to memorialize your love into a custom album for years to come.

Couples boudoir is a beautiful way to rekindle and grow intimacy between you two.

Meet Your Syracuse Monarch Team

We have multiple resident hair and makeup artists to help make you look and feel your best. The monarch makeup specialist is one of the first friendly faces you meet once you enter our glamorous makeup room!

Our lead photographer is our favorite family guy: Robby! He has a masters degree in higher education administration and originally went to school to be a political science teacher. Originally from main, Robby is happily married, he loves ice cream, and empowering women through the art of photography. Robby is a respectful professional photographer who’s attention to detail and client experience is unparalleled.

Note: All of our professional photographers are dark glamour trained professionals who must first pass stringent background verification and a million monarchs compliance training.

Syracuse Monarch Team


Located Near Syracuse

Based in Northern New York, our luxury Dark Glamour™ boudoir photography studio can be found at

2 Main Street, Massena, NY 13662.


Endless Love From Monarchs Just Like You

5 Star Rated

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this SPACE and Marina!! My experience with her was gentle, loving and creative. Marina’s passion for empowerment comes out in every step of the process, the love she has for her clients shines through every interaction and in every photo. If you haven’t experienced a day with Marina at A Million Monarchs I highly recommend you do! you WILL NOT regret it. I could go on and on about how beautiful this woman is and the business she has created, Marina and her team uplifts, empowers and inspires people everyday. <3”

Ms. A

5 Star Rated

“I cannot put into words how amazing my experience was at A Million Monarchs! I loved the comfort I felt from the first minute I walk in and I wish I would have done this sooner! I was so over come with emotions just looking at the beautiful pictures Marina did…. These ladies are truly the best at what they do! Please do this for yourself….the experience is worth a million bucks! ❤”

Mrs. B

5 Star Rated

“I drove 4 hours each way for this experience, and Marina did not disappoint me! It was so worth it!!!! JC worked wonders on my make up. I am still trying to figure out a way for her to come to my house every day and make me look that good!

And Marina is an amazing photographer and self-esteem coach! This woman is amazing with what she has done with her studio, and what she does with each of us. She is patient, she is funny, she’s a sweetheart. She also works with you in great length in picking your images.

She is phenomenal! Love this woman, love this studio!”

Ms. S

5 Star Rated

“Marina’s kindness and caring responses IMMEDIATELY have you feeling both welcomed and relaxed. The transition from speaking with her and her associates, to preparing and planning your special day, to walking in and being greeted by a positive and inviting HMUA, ( I had the pleasure of Kharissa creating my vibes for that day!) for your big day is such a treat!

They even go so far as to play your favorite genre(s) of music, while you are lovingly prepared in front of large Hollywood style mirrors and lighting!

The entire experience leaves you feeling exhilarated and empowered, and leaving with your head held high and your eyes sparkling!”

Mrs. P

5 Star Rated

“Before my shoot with Marina I was so nervous I remember sitting in the makeup chair not being able to sit still! (Jacy still did an amazing job) During the shoot I was extremely comfortable and the compliments from Marina was a super bonus I’ll never forget it, it was such an amazing experience! After all said and done I left the A Million Monarchs studio with a major confident boost and strutted back to my car like I was worth a billion dollars. To this day my boudoir shoot with Marina helped tremendously with my postpartum depression. My pictures gave me a whole new perspective on how I see myself, I feel whole again. ❤️”

Ms. H

5 Star Rated

“As our neighbor, I knew what A Million Monarchs was all about and have been friends with its owner and photographer now for a while. However I never had the pleasure of being in on a shoot till today when I was fortunate to be included in a collaboration for a bridal boudoir shoot. I am in awww at what Marina Labaff does. I know she makes women feel fearless and strong and content in there own skin. What she does with a camera is amazing. And her MUA kharissa Danboise is nothing less than great with an airbrush. That being said. I my self am giving careful consideration to doing a shoot. Flaws and all. Miss Marina, you are nothing short of awesome.”

Mrs. D

5 Star Rated

“Right from the first step into the door, Kharissa made me feel like I was a friend spending some time together for the afternoon. Marina was incredible and made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I felt empowered and confident! I would recommend to any woman who wants to celebrate who they are 🙂 “

Ms. A

5 Star Rated

“overall, well worth it!! I was comfortable while getting my makeup done, but made real comfy while in my outfits. I highly recommend every woman should do this atleast once. definitely the boost of femininity and empowering.”

Ms. D

5 Star Rated

“The whole experience was positive from the start to finish. I felt so comfortable and had so much fun with the girls. They make you feel at ease and are very supportive of you. So happy that I chose to do this for myself and your studio. Definitely recommend all women who want to feel empowered to do this.”

Ms. M

5 Star Rated

“Booking a boudoir shoot with Marina was the best decision I’ve made. Although I was nervous going in, my nerves quickly subsided and I felt completely comfortable. The photographs were stunning as was the printed artwork. Marina helps in every aspect, from shoot preparation to product selection. I highly recommend A Million Monarchs!”

Mrs. R

5 Star Rated

“When I first got the call from Marina, I didn’t even think it was real life. Leading up to the shoot I was nervous beyond belief, and I was mostly scared of the not looking or being “good enough.” Marina was with me through the whole process leading up to the shoot. From setting up the date for the shoot to helping me find the perfect place to buy lingerie for my body type.

The whole drive to the shoot I was shaky. I remember leaving early so I wasn’t late then waiting in my car so I wasn’t early. Then when I finally had the courage to walk in I was still nervous, but I did it. I had walked in the door. I got all dolled up with professional hair and makeup which I had never experienced.

Then it was time to shoot, and suddenly I wasn’t nervous anymore. It was like I was meant to be there. Marina posed me in every picture and made me feel like I was doing a perfect job. She made me feel like I was a “model.”

When I saw my pictures I was just in pure disbelief that it was me. That I could possible look like that girl that was is all the pictures. I said on multiple occasions to Marina that it was crazy how beautiful of a picture she could take of me. Every time I mentioned that she kept giving me the credit my body deserved.

I think my biggest takeaway from this experience is that I am free to be me.

Yes I have acne, stretch marks, rolls, cellulite, and bruises, but I can rock each and every one of those things and just be my beautiful self.”

Ms. R

5 Star Rated

“My experience with a million monarchs boudoir exceeded what I was expecting! I have been looking for a fantastic boudoir photographer for a very long time now. When I came across the monarchs work, I had to book! The style is truly one of a refined artist, the way the high lites and shadows blanket around the body is just divine. I believe the team calls this their signature dark glamour style- and wow is it gorgeous!

I was excited when I booked but then became a bit nervous. Am I too old to do a boudoir photoshoot? I had emailed the studio about my worries with myself and they sent back the most loving email I have ever read. The team is truly one that made me feel confident, empowered, and beautiful again. As soon as I arrived in studio my nerves went right away! The team is so loving yet professional, I felt that I was among friends.

The photographer was very proper and so kind. She coached me through all of the poses as I had no experience at all posing like this. I felt comfortable the entire time. I don’t even know what I was so nervous about!

From preparing for the photoshoot, to on-site hair and makeup, the actual photoshoot, and selecting my images/boudoir album after- I was very pleased with the entire experience. It was the highest end level of service in a photography studio that I have ever received! Not only was the quality of artwork divine but so was the studios interior, the quality of service, the professional makeup and hair, and my album!!

I must also compliment the cleanliness of the studio. Everything was fresh and polished. The gold glitter floors were neat! The whole location is an experience within itself.

I have never felt this confident and comfortable with myself and my body in my entire life. I am truly thankful to have experienced a boudoir photoshoot with a million monarchs!! Your art studio is quality from start to finish. I have already sent 7 of my friends to this studio and I will be back!! What an empowering and fun day that celebrates ME. Thank you to the entire team.”

Ms. M


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