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The Queens Rule – A History Lesson

Around dinner hour, hats are off and tiaras are on.

Did you know that the royal family follows strict etiquette rules especially when it comes to their nail care?

When it comes to royal manicures, the queen of England has high standards.

The beauty rules don’t just stop at filing, shaping, and buffing — there’s a thing about the color, too. You can see from public press the queen wears nude polish a lot!

At around $9 a bottle, you can find our favorite color:

Ballet Slippers

In addition to color, it is rumored that the queen has strict rules against chipped or unmanicured nails. Women in the British royal family must keep their nails cut and polished. A good idea to apply to prepping for your close up with our resident boudoir photographer too!

Now if you’re a rule-breaker when it comes to your nails, that’s ok. You are free to arrive to your boudoir session with whatever nails fancy you. Fortunately, you’re not bound like royal princesses to beauty rules.

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