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Why Boudoir Photography Makes a Great Gift

Are you looking for a unique gift for your significant other? Consider giving the gift of a Boudoir Photography Session or photos!

Boudoir Photography is a great way to capture intimate and special moments that will last a lifetime. Celebrating a milestone? Boudoir Photography is the perfect gift to celebrate an occasion or holiday, such as an Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a Birthday!

How To Plan For Giving Boudoir Photography as a Gift

If you are considering giving boudoir photos or an album as a gift, it’s important that you plan in advance! You’ll need to find a Photographer with availability to schedule the session with enough time for post-production design and product development. 

Experienced Photographers that specialize in Boudoir Photography can get booked out in advance. You’ll need to find a Photography Studio that has availability at least 4-6 weeks before you’re needing the photos to account for design, creation, and receiving the products or album in time.

How To Pick Boudoir Photos For a Gift

The great thing about Boudoir Photography is that its a great experience for any occasion or no occasion at all! You can give at any time and provides the opportunity to make an event that much more special, unique, and intimate to share with your partner.

At your consultation or at the beginning of your session, you and your boudoir photographer will discuss the theme, style, or intention you’re wanting to capture for the session. They’ll be able to expertly pose you, guide you, and even bring creative ideas to the table to bring your vision to life!

At your boudoir session, your photographer will also be able to show you examples of products they can provide, such as digital albums or keepsake boxes and albums. After the session, your photographer will go through all of the content and make any edits to them. This can take anywhere from one or two weeks. 

Once the editing is complete, you’ll be able to go through the photographs to make your selection of the photos you’d like and the products you want to order. Your photographer will be able to help you design the gift!

The timeline of product fulfillment and production varies for each photographer, so you’ll want to know what the estimated time is to plan accordingly so you get your content in time! You can expect anywhere from 4-8 weeks, make sure you ask when you book the appointment to make sure you have plenty of time!

How To Give Boudoir Photos as a Gift

Remember, this is a fun, special, and intimate gift to give your significant other! This experience is unique for each and every couple – that’s the beauty of it! 

The best time to give the gift depends on the occasion and purpose. Are you giving it as a wedding gift? You can give it to your partner the day before the ceremony, the day of leading up to the ceremony if you’re alone together, or even the night of! 

Another great option to surprise your significant other is to gift them the experience of the Boudoir as a surprise! The experience of a Boudoir Session is designed to spoil and pamper, booking an appointment for them is a great way to take time for themselves. Take it up a notch by booking a Couples Session! This is a memorable and exciting way to spend time together as a couple – creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Boudoir Photography Near Me

A Million Monarchs Boudoir Studio is on a mission to help every woman feel empowered and confident while guiding them through the journey of transforming the way they feel about themselves!

We are so proud to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for you! Our entire team, from the hair and makeup to the expert photographer, is here to help cheer you on every step of the way.

We love being a part of the creation and design process for these memories! If you’re looking to give Boudoir Photography as a gift, contact us today to begin planning your journey!