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DIY Boudoir At Home

Maybe you’re excited and preparing for your boudoir photoshoot, or maybe you just want to take some sexy photographs for yourself! Either way, we have your back with 5 tips & tricks to taking glam boudoir photos in the comfort of your own bedroom!

TIP #1 – Boudoir Lighting At Home

Make sure you have good lighting! The very best lighting for DIY photoshoots is going to be natural lighting. The entire goal of studio lighting is to mimic natural lighting, but studio lighting tends to never be as beautiful as natural light!

If you can, turn all your lights off so you don’t have something called “mixed lighting” and use your natural light resources only! This will help your iPhone take a more clear shot.

TIP #2 – Photoshoot Timing

The best time for natural light iPhone shots is anywhere from 10am to 11am. Don’t be afraid of timings though! You can often get a beautiful silhouette photo from golden hour (the hour before sunset) too. Don’t be afraid to play around with timings once you have gotten the most basic and bright of window light down!


TIP #3 – Boudoir Outfits

Wear something that you feel confident and sexy in. Not every person taking sexy photos feels comfortable nude, in just a sheet, or in lingerie. Glamorous selfies can be taken in anything! You could do your favorite oversized sweater off your shoulder, an oversized beach hat, or roll yourself in a crisp white towel. Use what you already have in your closet! You probably already have lots of sexy outfits that you feel good in your closet without having to go online and buy more.

Tip #4 – Hot Selfie Angles

Never photograph yourself with the lens pointed your nose. The camera lens should always be either at nose level or above!

For more slimming angles, you should always have the lens higher than your body and angled down just a slight bit this will have a slimming effect on you and won’t distort your body to look larger than it usually is. In a professional setting, a skilled boudoir photographer (wink wink) will do this for you, as well as move different angles while you sit pretty.

Pro Tip: Find a shelf to rest your phone on near the window before posing your body lower then the lens for the best angles.

Tip #5 – Sexy Boudoir Poses

Turn on some music. It’s really easy to look uncomfortable during a boudoir shoot. The best thing that you can do when you selfie is to look relaxed and confident. This can be done through the use of your very favorite music.

Make sure you don’t you don’t clench your limbs in tight to your body as this also typically happens when people are nervous before photos. Relax your arm against your body and pop your elbows out a tiny bit.

Also make sure not to furrow your eyebrows or clench your jaw. This can happen when people are nervous as well. The best tip is to close your eyes and breathe through your mouth while you say the word “peaches”. This will create just a slight sexy part and the lips as well as make the face and jawline more relaxed.

And finally, (as a bonus) DIY Tip number six is to practice in front of a mirror before you pose. If you have any kind of a mirror no matter how big or small. You can always bring that into the room and set it right near your camera so that you can see what you would look like from that angled posing makes a huge difference in boudoir photography. You would be surprised at what just an inch in an angle can do!

Just the slightest tilt of the hips or push back in any kind of limb or muscle group can make or break a photo!

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