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From the time you book your session, through your Monarch Transformation glam process, to holding your finished album in your hands, we are here for you every step of the way. Read our frequently asked questions and feel confident about your next session.

Where is the A Million Monarchs Boudoir studio located?

With all of our locations we offer a unique client closet & themed studio. After your Transformational Monarch Experience, you’ll fall so in love you’ll want to collect ALL of our A Million Monarchs – Dark Glamour specialty themed locations! For more details visit our Massena Location page, Syracuse Location page or our New York City Location page. 

How do I know if boudoir photography is right for me?

Your age (18+), weight, race, or any other circumstance does not matter. We do not accept anyone under 18 years of age as a client. But if you have an intense desire to love yourself, experience the ultimate confidence booster, or just have a fun day that is all about YOU, then boudoir photography is right for you! While boudoir makes an incredible gift for any occasion, you should be first and foremost doing this for you. We will make you feel like a goddess every step of the way.

About A Million Monarchs Boudoir Portraits
About A Million Monarchs Boudoir Portraits

How much does a boudoir photoshoot cost?

Our pricing works in two parts. Part one is our photo session retainer. This is due to make a reservation on our calendar and includes a whole lot! This includes: full session prep and wardrobe planning, professional hair styling and boudoir makeup, access to our Dark Glamour™ luxury studio, the actual photoshoot, access to our lingerie client closet, and your ordering appointment. All session retainers are non-refundable/transferrable and are due upfront to hold your time slot and book your team. Cancellation and re-schedule fees apply.

Part two of your photoshoot cost takes place at your ordering appointment. This appointment is as thrilling as part one! It takes place 1-2 weeks after your session, after your photos have been edited. Your images will be unveiled to you in a stunning way! Most women have no idea what they want to order until they have physically seen their images and that’s okay — we understand! We don’t require any kind of artwork order until you’ve seen your images and love them.

From the images you love, a custom art piece will be made. Due to the custom nature of artwork we produce, all sales are final. All of our clients purchase an album. Some decide on special add-ons like digital images or wall art! We offer everything from very simple products all the way up to high-end art collector grade pieces. We truly believe in the power of transformation in experiencing boudoir.

Payment plans are available. We’re happy to answer all of your questions! You can also set up a free consult call if you have more questions.

I’m not comfortable with myself. Can you Photoshop me?

First of all, it hurts our heart to hear anyone ask this — it’s one of the many reasons we specialize only in boudoir photography as our full-time career.

This experience is designed as a unique opportunity to show you that you were made for MORE and that you are beautiful are the skin you are in, in the season that is today. We pride ourselves in meeting you right where you are in life, and holding your hand throughout this process. No matter how you feel your body looks or what the scale says – DO NOT be intimidated by the women in our portfolio. They are everyday women just like you.

We do light skin retouching including removing temporary acne, lighting/color adjustments, and skin smoothing. We do not alter your body in any way. Truthfully, that does more damage in the long run. Plus, we are experts in the art of Dark Glamour™ boudoir lighting, angles, and posing to bring out your best natural features. We believe in celebrating the foundation of your individual beauty. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through your very own Monarch Transformation.

About A Million Monarchs Boudoir Portraits

Are there any photoshoot payment plans available?

We understand that spending money on yourself may cue some guilty feelings, so we’ve curated flexible payment plans so you don’t have to feel that stress! Two options include:

  1. Pay over time with our in-house no-credit-check payment plan
  2. Ask about our financing partner!

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on payment plans. We never want money to be a factor in holding you back from this incredible experience. When you start taking care of yourself, you start to feel and attract better. It all starts with YOU and we truly believe that every woman is worthy of this experience. We’ll help make this possible for you in any way we can.

What do you wear to a boudoir photoshoot?

Anything your heart desires! Most clients wear lingerie, some prefer nude, and some bring luxury couture or bondage wear. Any piece of clothing that contains sparkle, rhinestone, or glitter is celebrated here!

Have you seen the studios floors for you to pose on? They’re made of glitter! Our goal is to support you while you leap outside of your comfort zone. While we will hold your hand every step of the way and send you a full session prep guide upon booking, every client comfort level is different. We can make anything look sexy, yes, even your favorite oversized comfy sweaters!

You are welcome to utilize the studios lingerie client closet which is always changing with fun and sexy couture! We also provide a text line to our wardrobe consultants in case you’re feeling overwhelmed.

I’m not sure how to style or shop for wardrobe. Can you help?

Once you are officially booked, we’ll be there for you every step of the way! We’ll forward over a detailed guide to help you get ready for your session. Our guide comes via email and smoothly sails you through outfit selection, preparation, and every answer to your important questions.

If you still need help, we can schedule a FaceTime consult at any time to make sure you feel confident in your choices and feel empowered during your photoshoot. As far as being sexy — you have this ability within you. We see your light and we want you to see it too! We will pose you from head to toe and assist with every detail.

What happens to my images after my photoshoot? Will you post them?

Our in-house team will edit your images according to our stringent standards. We will prep them for your ordering appointment after your photoshoot. Your ordering appointment is when you will select and build an album order made to your hearts desire.

If you do decide to share your images, you may consent to this by signing our image release. P.S. You never have to share your images anywhere! EVER! Client trust is extremely important to us. We understand the delicate and intimate nature of your photos and we fully respect every client’s right to privacy. Your decision will always be honored and you can rest easy knowing your images are fully protected.

Will I do my own hair and makeup for my session?

All you need to do is arrive to our studio with dry hair, a clean face, and any lingerie you personally selected to bring! All of our sessions include in-studio professional hair and MUA (makeup artist) services in front of our glamorous Hollywood-lighted mirrors. Pricing does not change if you decide to do your own hair and makeup.

About A Million Monarchs Boudoir Portraits

I’m ready. How do I get started?

We are so excited to see you spread your wings and fly high with newfound confidence! Let’s get started and learn more about all of the uplifting fun surrounding your Monarch Transformation.

If you do decide to share your images, you may consent to this by signing our image release. P.S. You never have to share your images anywhere! EVER! Client trust is extremely important to us. We understand the delicate and intimate nature of your photos and we fully respect every client’s right to privacy. Your decision will always be honored and you can rest easy knowing your images are fully protected.

What will the studio look like?

Each of our studios are different in furniture/client closet but the same in dark glamour aesthetic and process. They consist of two main rooms:

1. Your “glam suite” where you will have professional hair and makeup artistry done

2. The “shooting room” is just that, where you will have your specialty dark glamour boudoir photoshoot and pose on the props that are special to that specific studio.

Many of our clients are repeat clients and love to travel to all of our studios and collect all of the uniqueness we have in each one.

Each studio is like a unique little charm box filled with treasures!

Where do I park?

Each studio has different parking options depending upon which A Million Monarchs Boudoir location you book with. You can see more parking information HERE.

About A Million Monarchs Boudoir Portraits

Who will my photographer be?

Our hiring practices are not discriminatory based on gender or race, that would go against our mission of empowering. All of our associate photographers are dark glamour and posing trained by us. They must go through a rigorous education before they are allowed to be a photographer within our studio.

They are also All background checked and have been hand picked by our founder not only for their talent and quality of work, but for their professionalism, kindness, and calming demeanor too. We all know we need the best cheerleaders when going outside our comfort zone and our associate photographer(s) are THE BEST at helping to calm your nervous butterflies!

Do you photograph boudoir for men?

Do you photograph boudoir for men? In the past boudoir was very popular amongst women, but the word is getting out about how much of a confidence booster our photoshoot sessions are! We welcome men (18+) into the studio to be photographed! You can check out more information about male boudoir HERE.

Do you photograph couples boudoir?

Couples boudoir is an amazing way to celebrate your love and your trials/tribulations as a couple. We typically photograph each subject alone and then together as well however each session is tailored to the comfortability of the clients.

Many couples have been timid to book a shoot, but leave feeling on top of the world with confidence afterwards. Love is something special, we can help you to celebrate it in a way unlike anything else in this world! We can help you to memorialize your love into a custom album for years to come.

Couples boudoir is a beautiful way to rekindle and grow intimacy between you two.

About A Million Monarchs Boudoir Portraits



It’s time to celebrate yourself. Spread your wings and take on an unforgettable boudoir photography experience.



It’s time to celebrate yourself. Spread your wings and take on an unforgettable boudoir photography experience.